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Sunday, September 13, 2009 || 4:24 PM || [9] comments || Give Some Love?

last night, i promised to myself that i gonna do a blog post today but because of my brother, i broke my promise,and i've lost my apetite to make one. but now, i going to do my promised.im not in the mood to do my school stuffs so i decided to post another blog entry. i wanna waste my time. if i finished this, then thats the time to do my homework, practice my drama lines, i need it because im the main character there Ü,and many others. i know they are suck but i need to do them.*ewww...!*

"help me!!!
somebody help me!!
my shoes are monster!!"

"its wednesday, when u realized that ur shoes are broke. you dont know what to do. it is also raining. you dont have umbrella. your gf is not with you coz she have so many stuffs to do,though she promised u'll be together that day. you friends invited you to go to the mall and you say "yes" though you have a bad shoes. the rain keeps falling down. while you're walking, the water keeps goin to ur shoes and because of that ur sock is already wet but behind of those problem, u stay happy and keep laughing. when u're on the way to ur home, u realized that tomorrow is ur PE. u already in your house. you see ur cp and it has one message. its from ur gf. she appoligized because she broke her promised. u replied to her and say "it is ok" though its not. then. tommorow came. you're happy coz you will not use your broke shoes. you told ur mom about ur shoes. she asked u if u want to buy a new one but u say no though you want. u enter ur class. but u forgot ur book. ur teacher got mad at you. its breaktime. u saw ur gf/bf but she/he snob at u. the class end. u saw again ur gf/bf. u'll together now. u recieved kiss from her/him. when u're on the way to ur home. u see ur shoes and u think that it is already fixed. tomorrow came again, it's raining again. u dont have umbrella coz ur brother used it.you wait the rain stop.but it already 6:45am. your class is 7:00am.u used ur jacket. when u're walking, u feel that ur sock is wet again. when u enter you class. u already late. because u have a bad mood that time, you didnt say good morning to your teacher. your teacher got mad at you again.you realized that your pants have a aircon. youre classmate cry, because you didnt pay her. you promised that youre gonna pay her though you dont have money. ur friends invited you to watch movie and you say no because you dont have money. your friends keep inviting you but refused. your gf did not invite you. its a big sigh. you already in your house. that time, your gf is running in ur mind. you got sleep. its already 9:00pm when you woke up. you checked your cp and dont have message from your gf. you get mad. its already 10:30 and you recieved a message from you gf. you mad at her. ask so many question. but your angry fade away when she said to you the word: "I LOVE YOU" "I MISS YOU" "I WISH YOU'RE HERE!"."

thats it guys. thanks for reading. like what i said. when i finished this, i will do my school stuffs.and please kindly ignore the gramatical error x].

PS: guys, what can you say about that? :D

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