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End of Chapter 1
Saturday, September 5, 2009 || 10:43 AM || [10] comments || Give Some Love?

"One upon a Time, There was a boy named...."

last wednesday, sept. 2, was the last day of exam and also the last day of our 1st grading. i'm so happy and excited that day. happy just because last day of exam,it is time to chill and do whatever i like. excited because im looking forward for what willl happen to the next chapter of being senior highschool.

before the exam, my classmates keep talking what they are going to do after the exam. and because i have a big ear i heard what they are want to do. somebody wants to watch movie. somebody wants to play dota. somebody wants to go mall and many other. i dont want to include the other just because it is very sensitive and quiet boring.

while taking the exam and also thinking what i am going to do after the exam, my adviser came to me and told me that she wants to talk to me. when i hear that, nothings happened. i just keep on laughing and laughing because i know that she just want to loose my concentration to exam.

when the exam of tle came, another line came from her and lines are like this: "nakita kita sa sta. lu nung sabado, kasama mo yung girlfriend mo, holding hands pa nga kayo eh. mga 6:30pm na yun". i guess she wants to loose my concentration and i think her mission has been accomplished. i lost my concentration that time. dont know if it is credit or debit, accounts payable or accounts recievable, asset, liability or proprietorship. i try to denied it but she keep saying "ikaw yun". when im back in answering my exam, she raid my bag and saw my cellphone. she saw my wallpaper and said "ah...ito nga yon". when i saw what she was doing, my consentration was lost again and dont know what i am going to do that time. but behind those challenges, i finished my exam with my sure answer even she keep disturbing me.

actually, when im taking the tle exam, she wanna go to my gf's section but i pleased her not to go there because i know that my gf will loose her concentration and it is a big issue to her section.

i guess i have my unique ending of chapter 1 in senior life even it is quiet nervous. dont worry, im happpy what happened to me :D

"....and then he saw a girl named......"

PS!! thanks for giving comments for my last post. btw...profile clickable already done but dont have pic of mine. dont worry, i will post my pic soon ^_^.

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