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Rain, Rain Go Away!
Friday, July 17, 2009 || 6:56 PM || [2] comments || Give Some Love?

"Rain,Rain Go Away!
Come Again Another Day"

Classes are suspended today, so i decide to waste my time in posting my blog. Tomorrow is day for exams. All of my classmate ,including me, made the twitter world as chatroom. We act like a fool but we enjoyed it.

Anyway guys, since im bored this day,i decide to search in google/yahoo and since its raining, and bored also, i searched how to scape the boredom when raining and i post it here because i wanna share this to all of you. Don't worry I put some credits.

You casually look out the window and when you see the beautiful weather outside you feel like going outside and enjoying yourself. If it’s sunny out you get in a ’sunny’ mood. If it’s windy then you’re probably going to be a bit agitated and anxious. But it’s by far the worst when it’s raining. If you’re like most people, you’ll feel apathetic, always tired and you could just sleep forever. The weather has a strong impact on people’s moods and you should keep that in mind whenever you organize your schedule.

A really important thing is to motivate yourself !

The first thing that you have to do if you want to get rid of these negative feelings is autosuggestion.You’re stronger than the influence the weather has upon you.You’re stronger than the influence the weather has upon you. You can rise and shine wether it’s sunnor or rainy and you have absolute control over yourmood. Now that you know this important fact, what should you do?

1. Things you have postponed

Now that you’re already not inthe mood for anything in particular you should considerdoing all the activities you haven’t had the time for in the past. Maybe you always wanted to improve your chess skills - now is the time to read a chess manual, or play against the guy that always beat you. You have two seasons of your favorite series but you were always too busy working until now or you always wanted to re-watch a movie that you absolutely loved. Does your computer need a bit of attention(not too much tho), you have all sorts of files on your desktop and in “My Documents”? Has it been a very long time since you last cleaned your closet? Think of this unpleasant weather as an opportunity to do some of the things youhave to do sooner or later. Do them now and you’ll be less stressed and you’ll have more spare time to enjoy.

2. All that boring activities that you surely ruin a perfect sunny day could be great now

There are some activities whose very existence you hate. Cleaning your house for example. When I know that I have to clean my room I get stressed. That’s not really my favorite leisure activity. Many people just leave the cleaning for one of their days off. I prefer to sleep late on Saturday and whenever it rains I clean my room if it looks like it’s necessary. It’s a good thing to exercise on rainy days because exercise actually gives you energy. Besides, you can’t crawl back in bed and take an extra long nap while you’re cleaning your room, now can you? Another boring activity is doing your homework! I know that nobody likes it, but eventually you have to do your homework… since you don’t have anything better to do, why not do your homework now?

3. Leisure activities

Life isn’t just about work(or chess), it’s about fun and games too.You’re not in the mood and you know you work better if it’s sunny. What should you do? Don’t waste time, do things you enjoy. For example you can go shopping. Or you can meet with your friends and play board games. You could also listen to music while reading. There are plenty of activities that you can do while staying indoors. They can be even more fun than most outdoor activities. It’s up you to discover what you like doing most on rainy days.

4. Find the beauty of rain

The best thing to do for the more poetic ones. You can go for a walk even tho it’sraining. Given the fact that whenyou’reshowering the water touchesyou, you know for sure that the raindrops won’t kill you(at least not fast anyway .. pneumonia is a pleasant way todie, isn’tit?) Seriously, rain can bemagical and very romantic.Put on your favorite music and some comfortable clothes and go for a walk. It mightsurprise you, but you couldfall in love with theweather you hated just aweek ago. Ever heard of that movie, “Singing in the rain”? Only thing better is kissing in the rain… nothing better!!

credits: http://www.zmelifetips.com/advice/4-things-to-do-when-its-raining/

other list of things to do when its raining

  1. Drink hot choco or coffee.
  2. Curl up in bed and sleep.
  3. Be sad and think of unrequited love
  4. Eat your favorite noodle soup.
  5. Read a good book
  6. Text forwarded messages to friends, really in the hope of starting a conversation.
  7. Watch a movie
  8. Catch up on much needed rest.
  9. Eat peanut butter in a teaspoon
  10. Listen to the lull of the rain until you fall asleep.
  11. Hug somebody tight
  12. Take a hot shower and/or bum in the bath tub
  13. Have a massage.
  14. Run in the rain.
  15. Play computer games.

credits for the list: http://angperegrino.com/2009/04/30/raining/

"Little Children Want to Play
Rain, Rain Go Away

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