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School is CooL?!?!?!?!?
Sunday, June 7, 2009 || 3:34 PM || [2] comments || Give Some Love?

Are you sure that school is really cool?!?!?

On June o8 , tomorrow ,will be our 1st day of our class. Should I say i'm excited? ,lmao. Yeah i'm not kinda excited about our 1st day. While writing this post, i can't avoid imagining being senior highschool. I don't know why. I imagine doing lots of project, writing lots of lecture, answering lots of question in
lots of f*ckin' exam, doing lots of homework, solving lots of problems, keep listening to your teacher even though you're sleepy , etc.

I don't really hate going to school but there are so many things that you can't do. I love to create a noise and i really really love noise but there are some teachers that when you create noise, though its not really noise, they are saying that "classs!!!quite!!!". What the heck.! They are very sensitive about noise though it is very lilttle noise.

Another thing that i can't do in school is sleeping. They really really hate to see thier students are sleeping. They don't understand that, that kid is sleeping because he/she do his/her project or assignment [ i don't know if the student really do that].

You know what I love in my school?

Some teacher , in our school , understand whats going on. They treat you as thier child and also a friend. Like my adviser last year , junoir high. She understands whats going about us. Example, our teacher get angry, she always ready to listen our opinion then after that she will give us his loving opinion. Actually we used to call her Mama or Nanay. Because she always says that, she treat us like her childres.

My friends in school is also my friend outside the campus. I mean even though we have no class, weekends and vacation, we still hanging out , go to the mall , try something new and others.

By the way guys, if you see my blog's background, themes, templates or whatever it is, so sorry for that, i starting fixing my blogsite. Don't ask why because i will not answet it.lol. If you noticed that site is always changing its because im not contented or satisfied to that thing. I guess I will announced the new and official background of "Demon on His Heaven".

If you want to help me guys, give me some site where i can get some templates o themes..ayt? I gonna wait that...huh? thanks ♥

I can't wait so I post it quickly.
I will add some and edit this, so watch out :D

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