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Saturday, June 27, 2009 || 10:58 PM || [0] comments || Give Some Love?

"The great power is the great responsibility"

Its been a long time to post a new blog entry on my blogsite. I miss , very much, posting here. I have no time because of school and I guess, this is the time I gonna post a newly and freshly blog entry.

Last June o8 2oo9 , it was my 1st day on my senior life (this is uplate). My first section was St. Benedict. That time, i was thinking that this section will be the wildest section in 4th year lvl.

On that section, you will see the students who are naughty it is because they came from the different naughtiest section last school year , St. Bernard, St. Thomas and St. Francis. I think 8 students were came from St. Bernard , and Im of them , and i don't know how many students came from St Thomas and St. Francis. That time, teachers were very busy because they talking about what section will be delete.

While the the teachers are deciding, one of my classmate told us that he wanna be the Class President and because we want to have the happiest section, we agreed to him. After that, while Im texting, my seat mate said to me that he's going to nominate me as Vice President. When I hear that and came from his mouth, I just said to him "ok..! The decision is yours" but deep inside "wth..!! what kind of idea is that??? are you sure about it? stop that or else I will kick you ***".^_^

After that, our adviser announced what section will be deleted. It was the shocking announcement because our section , St. Benedict, will be delete. We do not expect that. But from its good because my seatmate's plan will never happen. And because our section is no longer, i think its 42 students distributed to other section. I transferred to St. Charles.

I am very happy when I transferred to St. Charles because [1] my seatmate's plan will never happen, [2] most of my classmates there came from St. Bernard, [3] my bitchplend is there also and [4] my adviser is a math teacher which means my first subject is math (im a math lover).

After the break, my adviser suggested to have the class officers. My classmate in St. Benedict who told us to vote him as a class officer is also my classmate in St. Charles so he raised his hand to nominate himself and he won. For the position of Vice President, no one nominate me[yes!!], because i nominated my classmate , from St. Bernard , as Vice President and he won also. And the main event, the position of secretary. As a payment of what I did for the Vice President he nominated me for the position of secretary. He nominated me even though my hand written is quite ugly!!! And you know what..?? I WON! >_<. My bitchplend won for the position of treasurers

After the election and the speech of the officers, my advicer said to us: "You voted them..so the responsibility is for them not for me". After i heard that phrase u realize that: "What will be the future of this class if the officers are the first persons who create noise and trouble". ^_^


What will be the future of one place if the voters treat the
election like a game..?
-Xtian :]]


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