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Welcome to my blog, i'm xian the owner of this blog, if you want to know about me just click the profile above.

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What Shoul I Say? What Should I Do?
Thursday, May 28, 2009 || 6:37 AM || [0] comments || Give Some Love?

Its been a long time [long time?!?! :D] since i posted here in my blog. I think almost a week. Can't post because of million problems and thats my secret so please don't try to ask me. Give me some privacy [showbiz?!?].

Anyway, im so confused, really really confused. I
plan to move to wordpress. They say that wordpress is harder than blogger. Btw, wordpress is like blogger too but you need lots of program to costumize your site not like blogger that you need to upload the .xtml code. Wordpress has many features unlike blogger [al blogger: don't get mad at me ayt? :D].Moving my blog to wordpress is not really sure because i need some advice of my online friends. So far one friend answered my problem and according to her, wordpress is really difficult to use unlike blogger. She is busy that time so i did not disturb her.I have an account to that site but i don't want to give it to you because its still under repair [friendster?!?!]

For example i move my blogging career [career?!?!?] to wordpress, i won't delete this account. Not only my account in blogger but also my first blog site ever. I'll keep updating this account. What will i post in my wordpress is will be posted in my blogspot...ayt? :D

Anyway guys, have you watched the scandal?hahaha, just kidding. I mean have you ever watched Angels and Demons?Its a great story guys. In the first part of the movie, you really don't get the idea what's going on in thefilm [unless you read the book] but in the end, you'll say the word "ahhh!! gets ko na!!". So guys watched it now. Such a great story. 5 thumbs up for that movie [advertise?!?! :D].

siggie of vampires [ i'll change it :]] ]

Vampires...!!! what day is it? its our 1st MONTHSARY guys!! hahahaha..guys..!! what's our favorite line? "walang isnaban" hahaha...anyway guys...happy monthsary to all of us...and thanks to all happiness that ya'll gave to me...keep on rockin' guys! ^__~ Long Live Vampires!

*****Just Askingr*****
guys,how to upload themes in wordpress?
teach me how pls...
thanks in advance

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