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My MoM is Better Than Your MoM!!!
Sunday, May 10, 2009 || 1:31 PM || [2] comments || Give Some Love?

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"God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers."
- Jewish Proverb

This very special post is for our Queen, not only Queen but also our Princess, in our Family. Her name is Rhose. WTH! I forgot her age!. What do u think, what is her age? lol. For me, she only not my mother. I think words aren't enough to describe her.

She only two handsome kids [handsome?!?!], me and my brother [don't ask his name!]. And always have some discrimination.

More About My MoM!! [friendster?!?! lol]

*Drama Actress*
When we are watching drama or movie with sad scene, she feels that, she's there in that scene. And while we're watching, we don't know that she's crying.

*Famous Chef*
Actually she's not a real cook. Famous chef because when she do my favorite entree, Sinigang na Baboy, the time stops, i don't know why? [lol]. Actually that's the best sinigang i ever tasted. I tasted some Sinagang and all i can say is "YOU CAN'T BEAT MY MOM!" lol.

*Karaoke Diva*
When there's some occasion, she always request to have karaoke or videoke . She don't have a very gorgeous voice but she can sing and in tune. I don't know her favorite song or songs. I remember when i used to sing the song "Way Back To Love" in karaoke [i hope you know that], she asked me to give the microphone to her. She love to sing that song, you know why? Because that's our theme song. [how sweetens!!! lol]

*Music Lover*
Actually she very very love music. She have so many CDs. When i play my mp3, and she heard beautiful, she always request that "Put that in my cellphone" with a very funny tune.

*Kind Hearted*
When we meet street children, she always give them some money or food with! take note with!,with advice. And you know what's that? "Huwag kang magnanakaw hah!, masama yun!" That the exact advice with sweet voice.

Is there a mother that can't understand the situation of her children?I think NONE!. When we have misunderstanding, though that's my fault, she always the 1st to talked to me with some tickle [that's so sweeeet!]. I and my brother did a lot of wrong things, but she forgave us without any hesitations. She always tries to understand our situation, though it's kinda hard for her.

*Super Sweet!*
She bonds with us. She doesn't like to see her us sad, tired, hurt. She always have pasalubong for us. Sometime, she calls me bunso!

I made this very special post because i want to feel my mom that she is very important for me. I want to tell of you that we are nothing with no mom.

Message for my MoM:
Sorry sa Lahat na mga ginawa ko sa'yo. Sa mga mali ko. Alam ko na lagi akong pasaway. Salamat sa pag iintindi mo sakin. Salamt kasi lagi kang anjan para samin ni kuya. Salamat din sa mga advice na binigay mo. Sana huwag kang magbago. Sana kahit sa pag tanda namin, anjan ka pa din para samin. Salamat dahil kahit mali kami, pilit mo pa din kaming iniintindi. Sana wag kang mag sawa samin. I LOVE YOU MOM!! YOUR THE BEST MOM IN THE WORLD!

Salamat kasi andyan ka
kapag kami ay may problema
sana wag na wag kang magsasawa
at laging tandaan na mahal na mahal kita

[ Practicing in English.} [ Ignore the gramatical error ]


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